The Devil & Miss Jones

Due to the fires, we’re all forced to stay indoors lately.  This means a lot of cleaning and puttering and working and hobbying and ultimately the odd old movie.  The Devil & Miss Jones turned up.  A 1941 film but it could have been 2009.

Rich CEO goes to work at his own store to ferret out unionizers. Starting as an underling, he realizes his employees have valid complaints and changes things.  The 1941 political upshot is, (communist) unions aren’t needed if capitalists act morally.

Even in 1941, this was considered a fable. But the thinking is still around 2009. Greed is not only still good, it’s god. Men are still bound only by the law, not morality. And unions, like healthcare for all, are still viewed as anti-capitalist.

It’s a bit sad really, 70 years on and the US still is grappling with this most basic issue.  Just today CapOne announced it’s CEO is going to get a multimillion dollar bonus.  Even as the interest rates go up to  14, 18, even 25% on average credit card holders who are best customers.

The American Spectator did an interesting article in Nov 08: Godless Capitalism was the title.  So true.  So damning. But the response seems to have been: So what.  The response seems to still be the same.

Poor Miss Jones.

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