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These are 2 different versions of AS BYATT’s recent release: The Children’s Book. It’s new from Knopf. ISBN 9780307272096.  The price is $26.95, but for a 688 page hardback? Worth it.

The more ornamental one on the left is for the UK market.  The less ornamental one on the right is for the US market.

We think the US version is more in keeping with the book’s timeframe (1895-1919).  The UK version seems overly fussy.  It’s trying too hard. It’s certainly not a good reproduction of an actual turn of century bookcover.

The US version on the other hand does look like a cover from that time period.  It was that instant recognition of a style that made us stop and say “Ah, that looks interesting. At least worth picking up and finding out more about the book.” And that’s the goal of every bookcover.

The cover has to be about the content inside in someway, but it has to express that content in a visual way that attracts the person most likely to read it.  Irrelevant covers will get people to pick a book up, but not buy it.

A good cover helps a reader find a book they actually want to read.

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