The $1 book — Oh Joy, Oh Rapture

Well, today was spent fixing up website things in anticipation of the new release.  StartLogic is a great server and has really easy to use interface, but toward the end updates began to slow down a little.  So we popped over her to yak while the update spools.

We added a new section for the new release, discussing our pricing and why.  It’s really criminal the prices some of the big companies are using for Christmas books, during a depression . . . sorry, economic slowdown. People are hurting. Enough already!

We cut our profit margin to the bone for our first release, just so that people could buy it and read something new and lightweight for Christmas.  Yeah, that’s right we’re making $1 profit on every book. And we’re holding down costs on eBooks to $2.  On a new book mind. We’re shooting for Dec 8, to be widely available.

We’re going to be getting the free chapters in PDF format up on the site next. At this point, things look promising. We’re still deciding how much to put up. Some companies are 1 chapter only.  We’re more . . . 10,000 words is better.

It’s Christmas for heaven’s sake! Give!

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