Yes, Virginia, there are stupid questions!

In an effort to avoid doing Board of Equalization tax paperwork — due in by Jan 31, we played around with Twitter today.

Nothing dramatic, we just created a new background that ties in more closely with our CSS website. Someday we’ll do the same with WP, maybe. Actually we should integrate our blog and do something about Facebook, but there’s always so much else to do, like get books to press!

Back to Twitter. There are a few publishers on Twitter. Little, Brown & Co or Yale Press probably being the most notable. It will probably go full blown commercial as Facebook did, smart publishers are staking their claim already. Nothing worse than pseudo twitterers tweeting under your name. Ask David Tennant. Yikes.

We didn’t know tweet about Twitter 6 months ago. And not being Chuck, we were thus forced to go to the local library and request a helpful book. Online help was useless.  We need books to learn this.  Sadly all the ones that were available didn’t make much sense. We were then forced to go the reference desk and ask if they could put a hold on “Twitter for Dummies” for us.

There is nothing worse than a diminutive reference librarian, 20 years older than us, giving us that hawkish gaze and saying in tightly wound tones “You need a book? To explain Twitter?” She then sighed while shaking her head in dismay at the state of the stupidity she’s forced to deal with and tapped the request in to her keyboard.

We made no reply. Wasn’t the title self-explanatory? Twitter for Dummies. Duh.

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  1. Now this made me laugh 🙂

    Leslie Poston
    (now @leslie, retired user name @geechee_girl in December)

  2. I think that one of the things that I like most about America is that they can create a book series named “for Dummies” and it can become very popular. Those books work well because they are well written and easy to understand. Americans don’t take themselves too seriously. I don’t think that any other country could get away with it. I know that in Israel, some of the books have been translated, and instead of being for dummies, they are titled “Anyone can do it.” Yay USA!

    Good luck with your twittering 🙂

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