If you enjoy Fossicking on Fridays, this is for you

Sam Jordison writes in Guardian books blog . . .

“It is a relief to go into a bookshop and quietly pick up a book. It
satisfies my hunter-gatherer vanity. And there’s the simple pleasure of
judging a book by its cover–which, contrary to popular cliche, is
effective and fun. I say that particularly, because–bucking all
trends–a new independent bookstore called the Book Hive has recently
opened near my house in Norwich and reminded me that fossicking is by
far the most pleasant way to find a book.”

A very charming article on the joys of finding what you never knew you were looking for in the first place, and why Amazon and ebooks will never be able to match the charm of going to your local — local bookseller that is.

If you had to look up fossicking? So did we!

And now we have to add Lars Porsena, or the Future of Swearing (Oneworld Classic Gift Editions) (Oneworld Classics) by Robert Graves to our must read 2010 list too.

Another great read is a new article by P&W on the iconic Powell’s indie bookstore in Portland, Oregon.  Powell’s is the Mecca for US booklovers; everyone has to go there once.  More than once if you possibly can.

This article makes us want to book tickets to Portlad lickity split! There is nothing like hanging out at Powells for a day, or two!

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