Siempre Adelante II Or, taking a bird in the hand while tending to the birds in the bush

In a state with 12.3% unemployment and the highest rates of home foreclosures, it can take some juggling to get a start-up started.

We haven’t posted in a several months, but not because we’ve buckled. Heavens no! In fact, we’re believing for the an above and beyond year.

Bird in Hand

However, we’ve believed so hard that since January, FAB staffers have been blessed with many immediate money-making opportunities. And we’ve encouraged everyone to take the bird in the hand, while continuing to nurture the two in the bush.

Admittedly, with people tackling moonlight gigs of all descriptions to keep up and keep going, something had to give on the FAB frontier. We opted let the blog fall completely silent in favor of focusing efforts on more editorial efforts.

Thanks to all the hands on deck, we will be sending a Christmas book to press in September as planned and more titles will follow in the new year. Because no matter what the economy’s doing, or who’s talking smack about it, we’re going forward.

Photo Credit: Livingston Weekly

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