Better writing is not bitter writing

WordPress is starting off the year with a you pick it:  Post a Day 2011 or Post a Week 2011 campaign.

It’s a great jumpstarter for those seeking motivation to write more consistently. However, as a famous writer once observed : Misanthropy drives many to authorship. It’s a statement as true now, as it was in the days of quill and parchment.

If you decide to participate, and why not, remember that writing out of bitterness or hatred, while your right, isn’t all that interesting and it’s only going to connect you to others who are bitter or consumed with hate.  Do yourself a favor in 2011, for this one year, choose not to go there.

As for us? We wish wordpress had offered Weekends and Weekdays post categories. A daily post to us means committing to an unhealthy obsession. People need time away from their computers and, even God took a day off! Once a week, however, is a little on the light side for us.

We’ll be shooting for posting Monday to Friday, with no posts on weekends or Holidays (please be aware that holidays are staff determined and can be weird stuff you’ve never heard of or completely made up).

We’ll be committing to making 2011 a Post Positive year.

That’s Positive, not Pollyanna.

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