Reflect and Write, Right?

Great writing springs out of years of omnivorous reading, thinking critically about everything every day, and allowing yourself to develop as a person.  Then comes the day all that reflection suddenly lights on a single idea and you react by writing cogently, eloquently, passionately.

Notice we didn’t say you’d write perfectly. Excellence does not require perfection (Henry James).  Maria Callas was electrifying on stage, but as far from perfect as you could possible be. Her flawed voice made her performances more interesting, because flawed though it was, it was her unique voice.

Writers that have a unique well-developed voice are generally, statistically speaking, about 40 or 50 before they come to grips with the fact their imperfect is excellent nonetheless. But if you aren’t there yet, that’s no reason to keep pen from paper.

Let whatever you write today be a product of your current voice (even if you think it’s in an awkward phase) and thinking (even if you think it’s more crackpot than crockpot). You may just discover you’re the next La Divina.

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