6 dead, 18 wounded — And other reasons the US needs the Christina Taylor Green Act

The shooting in Tucson, AZ was a horrible tragedy, which could have happened in any state.

A lot of the blame is being laid on the Arizona politicians who during state’s recent election cycle focused on, and made violent, the recently passed Health Care Reform legislation. Surely, yes, all that political heat lit the bomb in that young disturbed (we’re guessing untreated schizophrenic) man’s head.

But no one states the obvious. If we had been a country, like every other modern Western country, and had passed national health in 1950 (or 1960, or 1970, or 1980, or 1990, or even 2000), this young man’s mental illness would have been caught and treated early on. He would be leading a productive life. And so would Christina Taylor Green.

Next time someone screams we don’t need the Health Care Reform Act in the US, think of this beautiful girl, born on 9/11, hope in the midst of tragedy, and tell your politician, “Yes, we do need the Christina Taylor Green Act, and you need to engage in speaking and governing responsibly, for the good of all people, not the good of self and party.”

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