The act formerly known as Blogging, or the e-world may be drastically overhyped

A recent report from Britain said 95% of books sold last year were physical books. It puts in perspective all the ebook hype. Most ebooks are given away, those that are sold, don’t make up the majority of the market.

A Pew Internet & American Life Project report released this month found that just 8%of the American adults who use the Internet use Twitter. Again, that’s a pretty remarkable conclusion given all the hype about social media. We’re talking here about a subset of a subset being users.

A recent report about Wii said sales had fallen off to the tune of 37% in the US, leading people to think perhaps US-based first adopters, the most interested in electronics among us, had found other things to occupy their time such as Kinect.

A big trend in sales over Christmas was old toys and games from 1960s and 1970s, colorful and interactive on a face to face level. Parents were shunning technology, and specifically technology that was dark, or moved their kids out of an immediate family / community interaction group.

It makes you wonder about all the sales of Kindles, Sony eReaders, and other dedicated devices.  The sales are real, but how does that translate into book sales. Are eReaders being adopted by readers, who might use them, or tech junkies, who simply think they’re cool must-haves of the moment?

Only time will tell.

Oh and for anyone blogging? The Pew reports: “blogging for all online adults rose slightly overall from 11% in late 2008 to 14% in 2010. Yet while the act formally known as blogging seems to have peaked, internet users are doing blog-like things in other online spaces as they post updates about their lives, musings about the world, jokes, and links on social networking sites and micro-blogging sites such as Twitter.”

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