The odds are in your favor!

There is no better way for people in publishing to start a morning than rambling through a few blogs. With 335,000 on WordPress, we always hope to stumble onto some worth following for awhile via Freshly Pressed. However, it seems only fair to tell you in addition to the 5 ways Joy mentioned that might get you featured, your odds of being Freshly Pressed go up exponentially if you are . . .

  1. A TIME Warner owned Organization. CNN, CNN Money, InStyle, TIME magazine, etc.  News reports are Freshly Pressed as “best of blogs” on a daily basis.
  2. Connected to Automattic.  Random “posts” by related companies are Freshly Pressed, at least weekly. Coincidence?
  3. Mention  A post by/about Kiva is Freshly Pressed. A week or so later, a CNN story, which mentions Kiva, is Freshly Pressed. Freshly Pressed shows microlender KIVA some love, often!

Now as an individual blogger, you probably don’t fall into any of these “not really a blog, or a post, or the best, but Freshly Pressed anyway” categories. Not to worry! On any given day, Freshly Pressed features 70% to 90% the posts by individuals. The odds are in your favor!

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