Our favorite off the charts, over the top, why’d you do it, son?, rule-breaking Freshly Pressed post of 2010 has to go to …

Every year we look for a Freshly Pressed post that leaves us gobsmacked.  Because Freshly Pressed posts are  generally the pick of the litter, the one we’re looking for is the runt. Everybody loves the runt, so this isn’t an exercise in cruelty, it’s simply an example of how far off the beaten path can you go and still end up Freshly Pressed.

Now, for those of you wondering about our award . . . it goes to a post appearing the week of Dec 20th. We won’t name the blog, because this is about Freshly Pressed making a wacky choice, but we will tell you this adorable runt . . .

  1. is a photo blog that contains no photos,
  2. has virtually no other posts for the entire year it’s existed,
  3. has no content of any kind,
  4. can’t possibly be followed,
  5. has no tags,
  6. has a 1-word uncompelling headline, and
  7. could be said to feature “bad stuff.”

Our cute little runt was totally fine playing in its own yard. It is, after all, an in-house thank you post made to immediate coworkers and friends. Then someone let the dogs out, and Freshly Pressed it to the general public. Once Pressed, this cute enthusiastic little guy came off as an annoying shameless advertorial for a media site owned by the “blogger.”

The lesson here is anything you write, no matter how seemingly unlikely to be selected, might be Freshly Pressed. So before you hit “publish” ask: Is this really a post for the general public?

If the answer is no, don’t do it. You (and your company) could end up in the dog house, even though the fault was not your playful pup, but that he was set free on Freshly Pressed.

P.S. Runt, is a great read by Marion Dane Bauer (2004), click through to buy a copy for your child, or inner child!

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