Words Well Worth Contemplating this Weekend

We’ll finish out this week with more by Dr May, but with which we think Dr King would have whole-heartedly agreed.

[S]pirituality has to do with the fundamental propelling forces of our lives, our most profound loves, passions and concerns. As such, it is the wellspring of our sense of meaning and of our will to live, the source of our deepest desires, values and dreams. Spirituality, then, is not a thing apart from our daily lives, but rather a part of all our emotions, relationships, work, and everything else we consider meaningful.

[I]t is . . . absolutely ordinary and completely natural. Everyone has a spiritual life . . . .like a deep ocean current, often unseen but flowing through all our experience, moving us to seek fulfillment and connectedness, impelling us towards truth, goodness and beauty. As William Wordsworth said, it is something “deeply interfused” that “rolls through all things.”

Spirituality is the living heart of all the great world religions. Each faith tradition in its own way proclaims that the essence of spirituality is love. The Christian expression is in the two great commandments: to love God with one’s whole self and to love one’s neighbor as oneself.

We will not finally come to love God, our neighbors, our planet or ourselves by means of what we learn to do or accomplish on our own. Instead, we must receive the truth that will set us free, be guided in the good actions that truly serve our neighbors and world, and be given an appreciation of the beauty within and around us. Only as this happens, only as we let God lead the divine dance, can we more fully participate in God’s loving presence in and for the world.

The original Shalem Institute lecture on contemplative spirituality is well worth reading, but too long for a post. The Shalem Institute specializes in helping people of all traditions develop a connection with the Divine.

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