The Blue Yeti THX Microphone, another step on the quest for better quality sound

For anyone wondering how our turning a book into podcasts (ie, an audiobook) is going . . . we present the Yeti, or as we like to call it, the Rooster.

Now, if you met this mic in person, you’d understand right away why it’s called Yeti. It’s about a foot tall and weigh about 3 pounds (so it makes a great little upper arm workout dumbell when it’s not a mic).  But you have to admit, from the side view . . . total Rooster.

It’s capable of way more than we need it to do currently, but when investing a piece of equipment, it’s always good to look into the future. If we purchased a straight out omindirectional condenser mic, it could have cost less. But for not that much more, we get great sound quality and a huge amount of versatility.

So, now we have the cock, we can start spreading a little bull.

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