A Book for the Lover in All of Us, and a different way to celebrate the holiday

If you’re thinking of something different to share with your sweetie this year, give this book a whirl. For a small taste of what’s inside, you can check out “The Love I Choose” an essay by Jessica Mercer Zerr of Grand Forks, ND, that is featured in the book.

In the 1950’s, Edward R. Murrow’s radio program, This I Believe, gave voice to the feelings and beliefs of Americans around the country. Fifty years later, the popular update of the series, which now continues on Bob Edwards Weekend on public radio, continues to explore the beliefs that people hold dear today.

This book is a take off of that, and brings together essays on love from ordinary people far and wide whose sentiments and stories will surprise, inspire, and move you.

  • Includes 60 short (500 words/ 3 pages or less) essays written by “ordinary” Americans on love.
  • The stories range from interactions with family, relatives, friends, pets, and strangers to the various acts of love that we perform for others such as cooking.
  • Based on the popular This I Believe radio series and thisibelieve.org Web site

By turns funny and profound, yet always engaging, This I Believe: On Love is a perfect gift to share with your love, and maybe after reading an essay together, you might hand him or her a short essay you wrote yourself on the meaning of love.  Way better than tired old flowers, jewelry, or chocolates!