Is this —— really me? And other questions we kick around the office on Mondays

Mondays are always a little weird. Coming off a great weekend, we tend to ask ourselves, and why are we here again?  Everyone does it. Lately we’ve been kicking around some Steve Pavlina blog posts in the office.  We’d never heard of him till a couple weeks ago.  And ok, he’s controversial, to some people. But adults should be able to sift wheat from chaff.

Some of the wheatier bits we’ve enjoyed were How to Make Smart Decisions in Less than 60 Seconds (pub. July 3, 2007).  Short version: ask yourself is this (fill in the blank) really me?

It’s  pretty good overall suggestion.  Though it can descend to the level of an office joke fairly quick.

Of course the question has to be tempered by things such as your beliefs, goals, and values.  Otherwise you could end up ruining your marriage, your business, etc.  “Is this job really me?” asked on a Monday morning could produce a false negative answer. But it’s a good question.

Environmental Reinforcement of Your Goals is another wheatie bit.  The upshot of this article is that if you want to change your life in some manner, you might need to stop surrounding yourself with things/people/ideas that reinforce who you were, what you were, and thus hold you back from change.

This idea is foundational to many addiction recovery programs. But Steve’s mention of it points up that we are all addicted to status quo. So maybe today we’ll do a bit of clean and reorganizing, buying a bit of new artwork.

The final wheatie we were kicking around this morning was How to Discover Your Life Purpose in about 20 Minutes. Basically, answer the question “What is my true purpose in life?” with the first thing that pops into your head, until the thing that pops into your head makes you cry.

It might take you 500 answers . . . and of course, maybe the process itself would break you down to the point of crying, but be that as it may, there is something to be said for tapping into the raw emotional vision of one’s true path. That being said, the next person found sobbing the breakroom will not be subject to the question “are you ok?”.

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