It’s not a symbol of mourning. It’s a symbol of hope.

“It’s a place holder. It’s not a symbol of mourning. I see it as a symbol of hope.”

— Anthony Amore

In the wee hours of this day, 21 years ago, as drunken St Patrick’s Day revellers were staggering home in the streets of Boston . . . . the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was robbed of 13 of its greatest and most well-beloved treasures, including the Vermeer pictured on the bookjacket below.

Over 2 decades have passed, but the museum has never given up hope that the art would be found. There remains frames, awaiting the return of canvases at the museum. And a $5 million reward is still waiting to be claimed.  At this point, there’s complete immunity for anyone that brings the art home. One can only hope that in the current economy, someone will return it for the reward, if not for the love of the art.

Until then . . . you can read a multipart story based on the fictional recovery of this art by Acascias Riphouse’s, starting with The Closet [of Sir Kenelm Digby, Esq.] Opened, published by Far Away Books (of course!) It’s available through Amazon and other retailers. You can also preview a few chapters online or even purchase the book for your e-reader for only $2 through Adobe Digital editions or other fine eBook retailers.

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