As Mad and as Merry as a March Hare!

Some of you may not know it but the March Hare, which ended the 13th, is Atlantic Canada’s largest poetry festival. Although the March Hare may not be the best known literary festival in Canada, it is surely one of the most interesting and innovative. Started by 3 golfers who were looking to drum up business during the bleak winter days of March, The March Hare concept has rabbited across the globe. March Hares blend poetry and music and refram traditional forms of entertainment embedded in the culture of Newfoundland and Labrador so as to showcase writing from all over the world in a way that appeals to a popular audience.

To quote the organizers:

The March Hare attempts to create the conditions under which it is the quality of the whole experience that is being sought, and it is being sought not just by the organizers and the performers but also by the patrons, who are made to feel that they are an integral part of the enterprise. A populist, democratic philosophy prevails. Traditional stories alternate with contemporary poems, emerging writers appear alongside established writers, local performers share the stage with performers from all over the world, and all of them are accorded the same courtesy. While long-term achievement may be given the nod of respect in the form of an extra two or three minutes at the podium, the time allotments are tight and more or less equal. There are no stars at the March Hare.

Obviously you missed this year’s March Hare, but you can try to catch him next year. And after that, why not organize a March Hare of your own?!

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