Super, now I’ve lost even more time, or, Supermoon Causes Momentary Retrograde Rotation of the Earth

Supermoon Causes Momentary Retrograde Rotation of the Earth. Really.

We like science, we really do.  So we were bummed when we missed the lunar perigee aka Supermoon two weeks ago on March 19, because it was raining a monsoon, to the tune of 2″ or more an hour. And the next supermoon isn’t till 2029.

But today we find out, not only did we miss a rare and spectacular astronomical event, now scientists at NOAA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, say that Supermoon has actually caused us to lose a full minute of our day.

Apparently the supermoon’s pull on the Earth, caused a “magnification of the tidal pulls, of 18%,” which, in combination with the”osscilliation of the magnetic North Pole “that’s been going on for years, generated by the Earth’s core flux, especially around the equator . . . . lumped in with the ongoing effects of the recent plate shifts / upheavals, and the massive displacement effect of the tsunami, has resulted in the rotation of the earth slowing down, temporarily, to the point it we’ve lost 1 minute.

If your iPad, Nook, Kindle, laptop, or other electronic device locked up today, sad to say, this is why. Apple, Dell, you name it, all the tech companies have been scrambling to create a patch and update operating systems before any real fluff hit the fan.  But, today was the critical date, exactly 14 days after the Supermoon.

According to Dr Shell A. Barger, if the fix isn’t in by midnight, a lot of computer-generated transactions will be at risk of simply not happening. Personally, we just think it’s a repeat of the whole Y2K , but, people have to decide for themselves if turning their computers off for the next 48 hours (the recommended safety precaution) is a precaution worth taking.

And on a more heart-breaking note, people who went out and looked directly at the Supermoon for more than a few minutes, apparently are losing more than time. The World Health Organization announced this morning that it is considering how best to deal with a rash of new cases of moon blindness which have just begun to appear. It could grow to epidemic status within the next month. Or not.  Remember the  H1N1? Yeah.

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