Releasing our Start Your Summer Right Read this week, Book 4 of the Series

For those of you that have been patiently keeping up to speed with our Ioan Lennox series and just finished the “Easter” book, A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets, Bk. 3, in synch with the season, good news!

We’ve just sent our “Summer Kick-Off Read” to press today. The Powder of Sympathy, Bk. 4, which is set in June, will be available to order in a couple of days in ebook ($2.99) or paperback editions ($12.99, unless you buy Amazon, in which case $8 something).

(And yes, it is a brand new book. But we only publish NEW books in paperback because that is the only format that is Certified Sustainable Forest Industry product.)

Preview chapters, as always, are available on the FAB website (bottom of the page), and will be on Google Books within the next few days.

Here’s the blurb

It’s June in New York and Chief Investments and Acquisitions Officer Ioan Lennox is gearing up for the perfect summer at Sarsfields Auction House. With his wedding plans sorted, his fiancees career launched, and his own star ascending, it should all be smooth sailing.  But with the FBI’s sudden appearance in his office, a Vermeer’s sudden disappearance, and a perilous report that may or may not exist, the seas are about to become very choppy indeed. Can he chart a true cross through the towering waves, or is he destined to be dashed on the rocks? Discover for yourself in [Touching the Curing of Wounds:] The Powder of Sympathy – The Most Universal Cure.

Enjoy, you lucky sods!

Yes, it is a really long book title, but when you publish a series that uses genuine 17th-century book titles, it comes with the territory. If you can’t find the book listed under P for Powder, try using T for Touching!

And if you haven’t been keeping up with the series, catch up now, because our penultimate August End of Summer Fling read, Observations Upon “The Religion of Doctors,” and our series All Hallow’s Blow-Out Conclusion book, Loose Fantasies: The Memoirs, will be coming out right on time.

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