Triskaidekaphobic? Not to worry. Everyone’s ranting mad about something!

Some people fear the number 13, we don’t. But we do have Microsoft phobia. When you work with books and design software, you gravitate toward the easiest to use tools that still allow you to do what you need / wish to do. Generally, that isn’t a MS tool.

That being said, after years and years of waiting for Microsoft to create something that was easy or better . . . Bing came along. Now, we know what you’ll say, Bing cribs off Goggle, for search results and no one can dispute that. However, we think Bing’s advanced search interface is fantastic to compared to Google’s. Dare we say it, it’s beautiful, even a bit sexy, it’s so easy to use.

Google makes you work (incredibly hard) to advance search anything, leaving users with the impression it only wants them going to .coms that spend billions on SEO and word ads. On the other hand Bing makes advanced searching relatively easy . We especially love the find a by site/domain function. Just by filling in a blank .biz, bing will search only for .biz sites that feature  your search term.

On the downside, as is typical of MS, they attempted to make their tool more user friendly by putting pretty picture on the search page. Ok. But they also removed the immediate link to the advanced search window (you must first enter a search term on the landing page and hit enter). Not OK!

In other words, despite MS creating a better interface that’s easier to use, which we would prefer to use, we will continue to use Google because Google understands we are on their site to search and puts their advanced search option front and center.

As one staffer remarked the other day, “What is the sound of MS shooting itself in the foot? Bing!”

This concludes our moment of Friday the 13th madness.

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