Biography of Royal Newlyweds Due Out Today, Or, Andrew Morton Strikes Again

On the day of the Royal Wedding of  Prince William and the former Kate Middleton, St Martin’s Press announced it would publish “William & Catherine: Their Story” on May 17.

Andrew Morton, who has written biographies of Diana, Princess of Wales, Monica Lewinsky and Tom Cruise, is the author. Mr. Morton is promising to tell “the full story” of the couple, including their time at university together, the prince’s proposal in Kenya and the wedding itself. But we’re skeptical. The book is not an authorized biography, and Mr. Morton did not interview HRH Prince William of Wales or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as William’s spouse is now known.

So disappointing. And rather sad for everyone truly interested in this couple.

And in case you were confused, yes, the same Andrew Morton churned out yet another book capitalizing on the royal wedding just 72 hours after the event.  Quality work? You’ll have to decide for yourself. Publisher Michael O’Mara’s stated goal with the title was making it into the Guinness World Record books by slamming the book into shops just 72 hours after the couple were married. The record presumably is for the fastest turnaround, not the best book.

The biography, William and Catherine: Their Lives, Their Wedding, runs to more than 200 pages and is available only in hardback.

And on the more interesting side of “how authors today come up with marketing stunts,” you can check out Fresh Air’s interview with Gary Shteyngart. He created an actual (but comically funny)  trailer to plug his latest book — Super Sad True Love Story.

The interview is chock full of fascinating conversation about the state of reading! None too surprisingly as his book is a black comedy set in a “not to distant” America on the brink of complete collapse, where books no longer exist and citizens spend the majority of their time diddling with their “smart” phones.

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