On the road, on stranger tides, with Johnny Depp

Everyone loves the movies. Around the office we like to check in periodically at  the-numbers.com to see what kind of cash is being raked in on movies based on books. This site is updated constantly.   The reason we like to visit is to reaffirm the value of books in our “visual” culture.  Dollars don’t lie.  And a lot of them are being generated because someone wrote a book.

The site is also interesting because you can find a list of all the movies coming out, all year, and even the next 2 years, by date of release. So we like to peruse those as well, for movies based on books. But let’s face it, this weekend, no one is going to see anything but the magnificent Johnny Depp in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean sequel — On Stranger Tides. By the way, one of Mr Depp’s favorite reads is Kerouac’s On the Road. That totally makes sense now.

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