On your way to Royal Ascot, buy your sweetie a baker’s dozen of roses, or pick up this rose-themed trio (with your Pimms) instead!

In addition to being the time of year the Royal Ascot Races are run, June is also national rose month (hence, the run for the roses). If you’re looking to up your game and go the extra mile, pick up novelist Jennifer Donnelly’s trio of Rose books: The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose, and The Wild Rose for that incurable romantic in your life!

Be advised that Tea Rose does have a gay character, but this is GLBT awareness month and part of why we picked this book.

Note the rather interesting iterations of cover design as they searched for just the right balance. We always find this sort of thing interesting.  Probably more so because we just redid a cover.

The Winter Rose is book 2 of the series. As a cover, not so great.

Book 3 of the series returns to the original cover concept.

And for a truly spectacular cover (on a wonderful book!), check out James Sherwood’s new book. What a hat!