Mai Pen Lai, that’s right, it’s national Let It Go Day! Did we mention that nation is Thailand?

In Thailand they have a saying, Mai pen lai.  You hear it a lot. It means let it go, no worries, doesn’t matter, it’s of no importance.

Today is National “Let it go” Day.  Not sure what you’ve been hanging on to, but if it’s not making your life better, or you don’t need it, why not just let it go?

If you’re looking for great reads on Thailand, check out the work of Thailand’s own Pira Sudham: People of EsarnMonsoon Country and Tales of Thailand and for something on the mystery side, spend some time with Aussie writer Angela Savage‘s PI Jayne Keeney in Behind the Night Bazaar (and its sequel The Half-Child. ) Be advised though, the Jayne Keeney books are typical of the modern mystery genre, have very “adult” themes.

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