I’m sorry, Mr Kipling . . .

“I’m sorry, Mr. Kipling, but you just don’t know how to use the English language.”

—Editor of the San Francisco Examiner, 1889

Explaining to Kipling,who had one article published, why he shouldn’t submit a second.

Like most people, we love a bargain book.  And we know of few bargain booksellers better than Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller. Excellent books, excellent selection, excellent prices.

Some people think books that end up on the bargain rack mean the author can’t write. Not  really. Usually it means the publisher overestimated interest. Or maybe no one put in enough marketing effort.  Some of the best books we’ve ever read we’ve discovered on the bargain rack.

Next time that bargin catalog come your way, really look through it. You might just discover a wealth of gems!

ER Hamilton carries a huge variety of subjects, and sells mostly HB/PB overstocks and publisher close outs at 80% off.  Many times the deals are better Amazon.  Books ship within 48 hours, from Connecticut. Catalogs are mailed free of charge.

And yes, the SF Examiner is still in business despite that Kipling blunder. The Hearst owned paper, under S.S. (Sam) Chamberlain, managing editor, and Arthur McEwen, editor, increased the paper’s popularity greatly, by spotting talent of a more American flair: Ambrose BierceMark Twain, and the San Francisco-born Jack London,

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