Feel like your life is just going round and round? It’s ok. Today is National Carousel / Merry Go Round Day. Jump on. Jump off. Or just let yourself go for the ride!

We love carousels at FAB, because let’s face it, life has it’s ups and downs, but mostly it’s all about going around and round till the music stops and light dim.

Make sure that you enjoy the round.

Sometimes people forget or lose their way, but if you do, don’t abandon the ride. Choose another horse, or bear, or rabbit, unicorn, cat, stag, lion, tiger, or sit down in the swan seat, for a while.

Just don’t give up.

If you’re sharing the ride with others you love? Good! They’ll keep you from jumping off.

Take Stephen King for instance.  He threw out Carrie after he finished it. We have it today because his wife saved it. That’s right, his wife saved his writing career.  Never believe as a writer that people are holding you back. They’re on the ride with you to keep you from falling off.

The above is a picture of the Santa Monica Pier Carousel.  Which we’re sure Mr Bulger enjoyed seeing many times.

For anyone out Kansas way, stop by the CW Parker Carousel Museum.

But if you’re in the Ohio are, Carousel Works is really the place to go. They make everything. If your interest is woodworking there are even some classes you can take to learn to make Carousel Animals!

One of the coolest things we’ve seen is a maker of carousel horse weather vanes. See the finished armored horse here. Ken and LizAnne Jensen’s West Coast Weather Vanes makes everything, and we mean everything.

Check out all their great designs, but be sure to see their book-related vanes.

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