Thinking of Publishing? Or maybe you secretly want to go the route of Self-Publishing but someone told you that would make you look like an idiot?

How Self Publishing Came of Age and Self-Publishing Stars are great articles by Guardian staffer Alison Flood that ran last month. You may have missed them if you don’t read UK papers.

Author: David Moody

In the first article Alison Flood looks at what used to be seen as a last resort in publishing, self-publishing. It is fast becoming the most successful trend in writing. And why wouldn’t it be?

In the second article, she talks to a couple of authors doing it themselves, and doing it really, really well — Englishman David Moody and American Barry Eisler, two of the most successful self-published authors.

Um, as you might get from the Moody site, David is into Sci-fi Horror fiction.  (Sigh, yet another author who believe blood splatter on a cover is a selling point. So overdone these days it actually takes away from a good book!)

Author: Barry Eisler

As for David Eisler, who walked away from a $500K book deal to self-publish . . . We purposely don’t send you to the homepage because we think the tips to writers is more what you’re looking for, and we’re kind of G-rated operation at FAB.

Barry is a great person and a brilliant writer of thrillers. His site is hugely helpful and everyone should have a look at it, but his current homepage features titles that aren’t in the G-rated territory so we didn’t feel right about sending you there.

The truth is, authors have been self-publishing since day one. Walt Whitman? Leaves of Grass? Self-published. Not only that. He then went on to pay to have his “anonymous” reviews of his own work printed in the NY Times! So, one might conclude, authors have been deviously promoting themselves also, since day one. There’s no reason you can’t too!

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