August and the art of the start: a month of inspiration for would be authors, publishers, and job seekers / creators

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to become a butterfly.

R. Bukminster Fuller.

Let’s face it, being a writer, or a publisher, or a job seeker in publishing, or even a would-be author/publisher entrepeneur is always tough going. Since we’ve been there and done all of that — collectively speaking, toting up all the heads/experiences around the office — we thought we’d spend this month offering inspiration and insight (sometimes our own, sometimes others), to help out and up anyone in need of a hand, a rope with a knot it, or a life preserver and some shark repellant.

We’ll give you some practicals, as well as some esoterics, but if you’ve got a specific question or thought, feel free to post a comment and we’ll try to get that as well. Although much of this will relate specifically to books, writers, publishing, feel free to substitute those words with any from the field of endeavor you wish to pursue. Good advice is usually deemed good because it’s universal. And that being true, we’ll now and then point you to other blogs, videos that are worth your time.

For anyone that didn’t know, Buckminster Fuller coined the term “doing more with less.” That’s absolutely the FAB motto. And if you’re thinking of starting anything, it should be yours as well. Everything starts small.  A book starts with an invisible idea.  In fact everything starts that way, with an idea.  So, take today and think about your idea, be it for a book or a business or a life’s work.

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