To submit or not to submit, directly, that is the manuscript dilemma in question

Authors have a huge amount of difficulty understanding what a publisher means when the site says “we don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts.” For the answer to this connundrum we are sending you over to Kim Norman’s website and her post “No Unsolicited manuscripts?” Doesn’t mean you can’t send something!

Kim is a published author, who became published, by sending a query letter to a publisher asking if she might submit a manuscript.  Getting the picture?

If you write and ask a publisher if you can submit a manuscript, they might say yes, and you might get published. If you send a manuscript, but they didn’t ask you to do so, it’s unsolicited and will probably end up in the garbage, and they’ll blackball you when any future letters from you show up.

Authors sending queries directly to publishers is an acceptable practice, and one that might just get you published.

And if you should be so blessed as to be told to send in your work, you might want to make sure your submission looks a bit better than this.

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