If you don’t have or even want a website, don’t worry, create a BIG web presence for yourself instead!


The Book Publicity Blog is a pretty great place to hang out. We would suggest that you subscribe to the site, it will keep you up to date on . . . practically everything publishing publicity related, and allow you to help your (prospective, future) publisher, help yourself.  Most recently Yen’s put up a great post on DIY book promotion and publicity, with an awesome mention on what in-house publicity teams do for large houses.

However we are directing you to a post on  what to include on author websites, which though probably slightly dated at this point, is still excellent. And for a look at a very well known author’s website that hits all the key points, see Barbara Kingsolver’s site . In essence, a good website will

  • Increase book sales
  • Build and maintain a loyal fanbase
  • Attract agents and publishers
  • Interact with readers
  • Spread the word about book signings and speaking engagements
  • Sell your book online
  • Promote yourself and any services you offer
  • Highlight future books before they’re released
  • Get the word out about your book and your website

If you still can’t bring yourself to have a website, consider having a web presence without website. For more on how to that, check out the Wall Street Journal’s article on same.  But the short version is setting up static and active feeds that basically replace a website / blog.

For instance, if you are LinkedIN as an author, have  a Twitter account, that updates your Facebook account, that’s pretty much alive on the web.  Other options: write up a wikipedia entry  on yourself, start a tumblelog on Tumblr to which you can post just about anything, and give yourself an About.me, page that’s the equivalent of a business card / promo.

If you really don’t want to do the whole blog thing, it’s ok.  But free blogs (traditional: WordPress or nontraditional: Tumbelog) can serve as websites with benefits, hooking up your facebook, twitter, and other things. This makes posting across the spectrum a one and done deal.

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