Why printed books will always be around — there are more reasons than you think

There’s a lot of chatter about the death of printed books.  It will never happen. Why?  Because not everyone in the world lives in the first world, or even the second world.

When you’re poor, a physical book is the best way to utilize information.  You don’t have batteries, or shops, or tech guys.  You need something you can pack on a donkey, drag through a river and over a mountain, that will still be ok if you wrap it in an old chip bag to protect it from rain, or snow.

But it’s not only the poor that need books, it’s the persecuted. Sometimes you need to be able to commit your ideas to flames, to save yourself.  Try burning an iPad as the “authorities” are breaking down your doors.  When you need to destroy your history trail, fire is quick and easy. Delete, alt, control, enter,  . . . yeah, sure.

Then there are prisoners. (Not everyone in prison has done something wrong by the way. But even those that have, can benefit from learning something more and better, and getting an education) You really think ideas are going to be passed around on personal electronics in a prison?  Good luck.  The state can’t even afford beds for prisoners.

There are parents.  Even in the first world, children (even first world kids) aren’t responsible with things. Books can take a beating.  Electronics can not.  Schools need to maximize there investments.  Investing in eBooks for any schoolchild  grammar through high school, is just not practical.

Which brings up the matter of price.  Many people can pay $2 or less for a paperback book or a child’s.  More than that? Not really. Not in most of the world.  Maybe not even in most of the US anymore. If you don’t have $114 for a eReader and endless money to blow on books, and repairs of your reader, and ways to keep it going . . . . It’s just not a good value.  You can’t even share it with a friend.

So in short, keep writing.  Because even if eReading is a great invention, books are going to continue to be printed.


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  1. So true. The only way something becomes obsolete is if it loses its purpose. Books are still immensely important to people around the world. Their life is far from over. 🙂

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