Today is Global Forgiveness Day, oh wait, forgive us, it’s tomorrow

August 27, is Global Forgiveness Day,

We know it’s tomorrow but we didn’t want you to miss it, so we’re reminding you today.

There’s a lot that’s wrong with the world, but not much that forgiveness can’t make at least a little better. So, think of someone or some situation you need to apply forgiveness to, and tomorrow, just do it. And remember, the person you may most need to forgive may be yourself.

Shu – Forgiveness
“soft as the speaking heart”

The Hawai’i Forgiveness Project has used this symbol for several years.  It has 3 distinct parts, the upper part composed of a woman symbol (Nui) and the mouth/speak symbol (Kou), which together mean same or like, and the bottom part  which is the heart symbol (Xin).

If you translate the whole character Shu into English directly, the common Chinese meaning today is “forgive from the heart.”  But we think of it as arriving at that place where we have the same loving feeling toward each other.

For more on forgiveness, including great stories of forgiveness, visit the Hawaii Forgiveness Project found here,

In the meantime, we hope you’ll forgive us for any typos or glitches or poor editing you find on our posts.  We really don’t have time to post everyday, but we give it a go. It doesn’t always work out.  But we forgive ourselves and move on.



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