An interesting post by Amanda Hocking – who sold way over 1 million e books, herself

If you’re over 30, or don’t have teenage kids, your probably don’t know Amanda Hocking. She writes paranormal romance for YA (young adults) — read vampire, werewolf, witch etc, for teenagers.

She’s sold over a million ebooks on Amazon (at 99 cents each) and recently signed a deal with St Martin.  Back on Aug 27, 2010, she wrote a blogpost: “An epic tale on how it all happened.” Everyone that wants to be a writer should read it. It’s brutally honest.

Not only will it teach you how to pick a topic and write a book that will sell (it’s called being on trend),  it will teach you a great deal about how out of sync publishing houses, and literary agents, often are when it comes to the reality of markets and sales. Amanda had publishers calling her to make deals, and still couldn’t get an agent to respond!

In addition, it tells you what you as an author will probably need to do to become known and sell books. And shows you the example on the blog. That is, the blog, the tweeting, etc, etc, etc . . . . Amanda does it all with style and grace.

Don’t be torn about what to do in order to succeed, just do what the crows do.  Find a bird that looks glossy and sleek, who obviously knows how survive and thrive, and follow its lead.

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