And on to ebooks, and how we make them — do not use as intended.

Before we go any further, we have to be honest, we don’t use things “as intended.” This upsets experts their field, but it always works out for us and it always turns out to be way, way, way, simpler.  Whatever we tell you this month about ebook conversions, don’t spread it around.

We do all our books in Adobe InDesign. It’s a professional type of software most publishers use.  Everyone told us not to buy it, to job the work out to a professional. But we said no. We can do this.  And we did.  But we did it our way.  So we do not use ID as intended.

We put everything for one entire book, in one entire InDesign file. From frontmatter to backmatter.  Just they way you wrote your book on your computer’s word-processing software. We use ID like a big, powerful word processor.

Hear that high-pitched sound? It’s professional designers screaming in the distance.

It’s totally NOT, what you’re supposed to do to make a book in InDesign. But doing it as we do means creating printer files and PDF ebook files that are consistent, free of conversion errors, and a total snap.

And, drum roll please . . . .the first thing to know about creating an ebook? Everything goes in one file.

We end up with a nice product we can sell worldwide, including through Apple, because LSI / Ingram Digital is an aggregator for Apple. (But not Amazon or B&N, which is why we have to go through this now.)

So, if you are currently staring at your not very formatted  potential ebook on your creaky word-processing program and thinking “Yes, but now what? I don’t have any professional software! And I don’t know what I’m doing!”

No worries, you’ve already done the hardest part! You wrote a book and it’s all in one file.

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