Even if it’s an eBook, you don’t want it to suck, because that would be sad

That’s the kind of review you can avoid if you take the time to

  1. Spell Check (or use a dictionary where Spell Check fails),
  2. Think about what the grammar corrector is telling you,
  3. Print your book out, and read it (out loud).
  4. Have 3 friends read it — and mark all the typos, and give you feedback or questions to find places that aren’t clear to readers.

No one cares that you can’t afford an editor or a proofreader because you haven’t worked in a year,  spent the last 6 months living at home, nursing your ailing parent, who died, leaving you with debt and taxes, and you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, but have no health insurance and this book is your last hope of getting above water.

Sorry. They just care that you sold them a book that has typos or poor editing.  Now, it’s true, if the information or story is great, people will overlook a lot.  But there are so many people who just get so bent out of shape over a typo you’d think the world was genuinely coming to an end. And that’s how they write their review.

We often wonder how such people would have survived the Renaissance, but . . . that’s for another day.  For you, today, if you haven’t done these things, don’t even think of posting your book. And here’s why . . . .

Believe it or not, Amazon, B&N, and Apple have standards.  If they get complaints about the quality of a book, and they look at the book and find it’s true, they will pull your book from rotation. So, avoid this problem, follow the steps above.  They are FREE and they will help you.

Also, cast around for an unemployed English major, looking to put her/his name on a book as an editor.  You can probably get the services for cheap or free, and they get to develop their resume.

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