Be inquisitive — visit Smashwords

If you are creating an eBook, no matter the format, and you don’t own an eReader, please please, please, talk to your friends that own them, or go to an electronics store, Apple Store, and Barnes & Noble.

Look at the tablets and eReaders. Ask people to show you how they work for reading a book.  You need to know what your readers will experience. You need to know how your books will look.

And since you’re curious, we’re going to send you over to Smashwords.  Smashwords is sort of like an aggregator for individuals and small publishers.  They will help you create and distribute your eBooks in all formats on all the major platforms, for a small percentage on each sale.

They have an excellent “how to” on creating ebooks, that’s a free download. Smashword’s Style Guide by Mark Coker   We are not telling you to use Smashwords, simply that many authors have, including some successful ones, and if you feel overwhelmed at this point,  working with Smashwords might be the perfect choice for you.

They walk you through every step, and in the end, all you really need to do is turn in a MS Word .doc and they do the rest. This is partly because, all you need to do with Amazon and B&N is put your .doc through a converter.

If you want to submit to Amazon or B&N PUBit yourself, getting your book into the right .doc format before you run it through the conversion process at those retailers’ sites, will be easier if you read the book by Smashwords owner Mark Coker.

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