Do something nice day — #WorkerWeds — go green, get working

Today is Do Something Nice Day.

What will you do?

We’re going to mention Worker Wednesday.

The government won’t tell journalists how many people are unemployed total, including people that are 99ers or stopped looking or whatever. It’s information they can only have by special request.  It’s not available to the public anywhere. That figure is reputed to be 2 to 6 million people.

That’s huge, but no one really sees it. Congress doesn’t, which is tragic, because all those unemployed people are voters too. So, in order to show everyone the truth about the full scope of the unemployment in this country, why not make the whole country see it?  That’s the idea behind Worker Weds.

If you are unemployed, but you are ready to go to work, you’re supposed to wear something Green on Wednesdays in October: a tie, a scarf, a shirt, coat, skirt.  Turn your website background green. And write or call your Congressperson or Senator, and tell them they need to do something.

Don’t be ashamed to wear the green. Shame is a weapon that keeps victims silent. What happened to the US economy isn’t your fault. Don’t be shamed. Don’t be silent. Wear the green. Maybe, too, someone will offer you a job.

If you want to tweet about this: #WorkerWeds.

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