A nice title to consider for Christmas: Wojtek, Bear Soldier

You can read a full review of this book over at Derek Crowe’s website.  But basically, Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear, who became an actual soldier (rank of Private, and he was paid!) in the Polish Army during WWII and helped fight the Nazis at Monte Cassino.

Often there are unsung heros in a war or protest, or forgotten ones.  Animals that serve tend to get short schrift but this book by Alieen Orr corrects that wrong beautifully.  A great gift book for anyone that loves military history.

Spoiler: It does end happily!

Dad and Woytek

You can also find an illustrated children’s version of this story by Garry Paulson. Available in English or Polish.

Voytek the Soldier Bear book cover

Voytek the Soldier Bear children’s book by Gary Paulin

Photos, articles and information about Wojtek and the Polish 2nd Corps

The Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum, presented by the Kresy Siberia Foundation, based in Poland and many countries around the world

Patryk Polec’s site dedicated to Wojtek and the Polish 2nd Corps

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  1. Cool! When was this published?

  2. The Bi-lingual Illustrated Children’s book: 2008 Adult book: 2010. Both these books are available on Amazon, or from US retailers, but both books are by UK authors as Wojtek retired after the war to Scotland and is still very fondly remembered there, as well as in Poland.

  3. Hi!
    I’m thrilled with the 2 books about me you mentioned, but did you know there was another more recent historical novel written about me, called `Private Wojtek Soldier Bear’ by someone whose uncle served with my dear Artillery Company during WW2? The story is actually written from his point of view and boy, does her uncle remember a lot!
    Take a peek at Troubador Publishing Ltd. online bookstore, Amazon or Waterstones.
    Oh, the name of the author is Krystyna Mikula- Deegan.
    Thanks and hope you have a look. Think you’ll be surprised.

  4. Historical novel too? That’s awesome! Definitely that should be added to readers’ Christmas lists!
    Product Details
    Private Wojtek: Soldier Bear by Krystyna Mikula-Deegan (Paperback – Jul 29, 2011)
    # Paperback: 128 pages
    # Publisher: Matador (July 29, 2011)
    # ISBN-10: 1780880030
    # ISBN-13: 978-1780880037
    In the US it’s listed as limited availability but we always take that to mean it’s a small press, much like ours! We’ll give it a plug in the coming days!

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