Office Yoga, or tying yourself up in knots

After the recent report that office work can cut short your life, we had the above meeting. After a bruising hour of intense brainstorming, we went back to our desks.

We are currently PDFing, or updating the PDFs, which is going well. We’re on to chopping some Kindle-ing soon. We really found no flaws in the e-How instructions we pointed you to back in Sept except to say those are PC instructions.

If you’re using a Mac version of Adobe Acrobat and you are making PDF hyperlinks to your TOC, you’ll need to go to Tools>Advanced Editing>Link Tool.

Box the text “Chapter 1” on the ToC you want to link the actual chapter. A Create Link dialog box appears. Hit Next. A Set Link dialog box will appear. Ignore it for the moment.

Scroll down to the part in the book that you want to link to the TOC item you just boxed (the start of Chapter 1 in this case). When you see the page you want to hyperlink to, hit the Set Link. Now your highlighted TOC text is linked to that page.

If you want to link the actual Chapter 1 heading back to the TOC, box the Chapter 1, hit Next, scroll back to the TOC, hit Set.

It saves you time if you’ve Bookmarked the PDF first. That way you can get around the PDF more quickly than by scrolling.

Of course, way easier to Hyperlink the ToC before you PDF the thing. However, if all this is way too confusing, take the weekend off and explore other mysteries . . . such as the new, authorized Sherlock Holmes novel, The House of Silk.

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