A happy juxtaposition of topics in print

So, in the doctor’s waiting room we came across a favorite read, the VC Reporter. Every town has a paper like this, free, hip, loud, colorful, opinionated, and filled with ads for questionable services.

Today the VC Reporter reminded us why print is such an important medium.  There’s nothing like opening a paper and looking at two pages of text — of carefully set text — that make you laugh yourself silly. Granted this week’s edition is the comedy issue, but even so, in this case the comedy was unintended.

On the left hand corner was Opinion: Editor’s note: A ticking time bomb — 7 billion and counting. A searing indictment on overpopulation ending with the typeset line

eventually we as a society collapse.

On the opposite page (by an author who lives in Ojai)  Power to Speak: We must not remain silent, a searing indictment on corporate greed, etc, etc,begins with the line

I applaud the young people across America
who are valiantly attempting to take our country
back from the multinational corporate elite that
are corrupting the heart and soul of our country.

Between these two incredibly weighty topics resides a lone column of Letters to the Editor.

Just under a letter at the top titled No one’s forcing you to go, is a letter at the bottom titled (we kid you not)-

I see dog poo, it’s everywhere

I’m staying in Ojai for two weeks, to enjoy walking, hiking and local restaurants.  In comparison to other cities I’ve visited recently, there is DOG CRAP EVERYWHERE!  I’m sorry to report that there are turds on the sidewalks, on walking trails, in business landscaping, and it’s dreadful.  Professional, mobile poop-scooping is urgently needed, in tandem with an aggressive dog-owner education program.  Will the City of Ojai AND responsible dog owners please step up to deal with this public health menace?

Name omitted to protect the author.

Admittedly, not as thrilling as seeing dead people, but one really has to laugh. People in this small rural town (under 8,000 souls) are way more interested in “big global issues” than dog poo. Whereas, this guy from a big global mover-shaker city? His issue is dog poo.  Draw your own conclusion here about who is a rube.

We’re sorry this man’s 2 -week stay in one of our county’s happy, active, interesting hamlets was so blighted by DOG CRAP EVERYWHERE .  But if he can afford to spend $350 – $650 per night, for two weeks, on just his room? And he’s so offended by seeing dog poo everywhere? He has three choices:

  1. Look up — he clearly spends way too much time looking at the ground.
  2. Laugh — and pay someone to walk before you picking the poop up.
  3. Leave — he is clearly not suited to rural life.

All this to say, none of this wonderful entertainment would have been possible on an eReader. They just don’t allow you to see these weird, serendipitous moments that actual printed pages can create. Long Live the Printed Word! And, we will be pooping popping in on the Comedy Festival this weekend, weather permitting! And the dog’s coming too. You were warned.

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