Is younger better when it comes to readers?

We all know James Patterson is a publishing industry, for now. But Amanda Hocking and the success of other Young Adult genre books, especially those that are self-published through a portal like Smashwords or Amazon or Nook or iBookstore, do raise some questions about the future of publishing. The most interesting of which has to be: Is good English/grammar/punctuation really vital to selling a book?

 This is a question sure to cause all English majors and Old School Publishing house to cringe, but  it has to be asked in the current climate. Don’t assume we think books such as Amanda Hocking’s are badly written, we don’t. However, since signing with a publisher that’s  putting her books into print, the publisher is putting her books  through an “editing” process, as well as a cover overhaul.

Given the books have already sold over 1 million copies as is, one has to wonder if the “editing” will be all that helpful. Cover changes are a slightly different area. But editing? There’s  possibly a lesson to be learned here.

Are YA readers more interested in content than typos? Is the generation that grew up reading text messages simply more mentally adaptable, or forgiving? It’s difficult to say. In the old days of publishing, people were more interested in the content than any committment to spelling or grammar. It’s possible we’re in such an era now.

If true, publishing houses looking for pristine “product” may actually be writing off best-selling authors and the rising tide of self-published authors may be where to look.  Sales numbers never lie.

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