Books: Art, Culture, Entertainment, or not even a blip on your radar?

In London’s Guardian you find Books listed under Culture. Just after Art & design, but before Film, Music, Stage, and TV & radio

In the NY Times, you’ll find Books listed under Arts. And following Books in the same group Art & Design, Dance, Movies, Music, Television, Theater and Video Games.

In the LA Times, you’ll find Books listed under Entertainment, at the very end of a list that begins with Movies, TV, Celebrity (really, that’s a category) . . . and continues on with Arts & Culture, Industry (the entertainment industry), Awards, and Calendar.

Alternatively, you can find Books under the LA Times category Living as well, after Home, Food, and Image (you  read the correctly) but before Parenting (we kid you not).

In Seattle‘s Times, a very bookish place, Books reside in the Entertainment section at the very bottom of a list that begins Restaurants, Movies, Music & Nightlife, The Arts, Books.

And CNN? Doesn’t even recognize Books, unless you count Facebook. The section called Entertainment is strictly of the Movie/TV/Celebrity gossip variety.

We want to point up that there are people who are passionate about books everywhere, but that not every area values books equally. A place can be amazingly rich in culture, just not extremely bookish. That’s cool. But take a moment today to ask yourself, where would you place Books?

Are Books first on your list? As in NY, where they’re Arts. Or last as in LA or Seattle, where their low-rent entertainment. Are Books part and parcel of your Culture, as in London, or something you don’t even think about (CNN!)?

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