Dear Intern, If you can’t read and write this, you’re fired.

Everyone likes to give a young person a chance for work experience and to earn a little money, but sometimes what you expect from a High School Junior with excellent grades and what you get are wildly different.

We at FAB always like to have computer savvy people about. We assume at a certain age you know how to read and write and cursive. Just as we assume at a certain age, you know common nick names (such as Tricia for Patricia, or Lupe for Guadalupe, or Bill for William, or Bob for Robert). Oh, how wrong were.

Turns out, after 3rd Grade no one teaches or uses cursive writing. All assignments are turned in via printed text or standard lettering.

When confronted with a SAT exam essay question, which needs to be answered in cursive writing, turns out students can’t remember the letters beyond those they use in their own names.

As for teacher who feel they are instructing their students via notes cursively written on the students’ papers? Forget about it.  Students don’t understand them because they can’t read them.

So, being good at computers? A big plus.  Not being able to read a clearly written (in cursive) Post-It note explaining to you what to do with the stack of work we’ve given you? A bigger negative. Advice to young potential job seekers? Develop excellence in the cursive hand. It could be make or break.

And now, Oswaldo, please find another intern.

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