How the ePub thing ended up . . .Or, in and out of Wonderland.

Ok, here’s how the whole ePub adventure ended up.

While it’s always nice to do things in house, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to pay for an outside conversion.  These times include, when doing it in house is adding an undue burden on the health/safety of yourself or others, or when the hours used cost more than the money spent.

At the end of the day, we have so many projects on right now, doing the ePub conversion in-house was going to cost more than shipping it out to

Could we have done it in house? Yes.  And we do plan to, in the future. As we got stuck into the process, we quickly realize we could do it. It wasn’t rocket science, or even . . . theoretical physics.

The various web resources available through (and other websites) and books, such as Elizabeth Castro’s, EPub straight to the point, and software, such as Scrivener, all make doing a conversion quick, easy, and within anyone’s grasp.

The only thing you really need to create an ePub (& Kindle) is a PC or Mac with the right OS and enough memory to begin with. Throw on Scrivener for $45 and your there.

Given the average novel conversion runs about $100- $150, even if you bought a brand new computer just for this purpose (making ePUBs/kindles), after producing 3 or 4 books yourself, you’d have  spent only the money you would have spent paying someone else to do it, but you’d still have the ability to infinitely make books, or rework and update or correct the books you’d already made.

In short, you’d be crazy to pay someone to convert your book unless you want to insure a very professional look on the order of your PDF for your print manufacturer, feel that the content of the book is too graphic heavy and you’re afraid to tackle it (but you’ll pay for that too), are extremely pressed for time and by this we mean someone is paying you more for the time you’ll spend doing the conversion than you’ll spend on the conversion, or you are suffering health issues.

Another issue too is wait time. Quality conversion services are generally backed up.  ebookarchitects is running 13-14 weeks.  In other words, 4 months.  Some people just don’t want to wait that long. And in most cases, for simple text conversions, you don’t have to, if you’re willing to do it yourself.

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