So, how did your NaNo WriMo Go?

Big Congrats to everyone who finished the 2011 National Novel Writing Month project today with 50K words (and their sanity still intact). And to those that won’t finish with the requisite wordage, a very good effort!

Over the past month we’ve seen several postings on the Office of Light  & Letters blog, we’ve though, wow, wish we could run out and by thatbook.  Most recently our favorite “wish I could read it NOW!” was

When Pink Hippo Fell by awesome speller

Lizzie returns to the small beachside town of Eastbourne, trying to put aside memories of her family’s abrupt departure from there ten years earlier when she was a girl. But no sooner does she start working in her granny’s rock candy shop than she comes across the stuffed pink hippo she left behind…and she finds that whatever it was trying to tell her as a child, it is trying much harder to tell her now. The more she becomes involved, the more Ryan, her ex-boyfriend’s twin brother, does, too, despite her best attempts to keep him out of the increasing danger that threatens to take her life.

Anyway, we want to take this moment to pass on this important message from the NaNoWriMo organization . . .

An Important Message about NaNoWriMo’s Future

Dear Writer,

National Novel Writing Month needs your help.

This year, we’ve spent nearly $1 million to put on NaNoWriMo and the Young Writers Program. With that money, we’ve provided a free creative writing adventure to over 2,000 classrooms, supported 500 NaNoWriMo chapters and 400 public libraries, and inspired 300,000 participants around the world.

We’re a small, grassroots nonprofit, and most of our funding comes from people like you—writers who make a tax-deductible donation through our online Donation Station.

We’ve received contributions from 7% of this year’s writers. Those donations have covered half of our expenses, and we thank everyone mightily who has contributed. We now need to raise the rest to avoid cuts to NaNoWriMo and the Young Writers Program in 2012.

We believe in you. And we believe passionately in our programs. In my 13 years with the organization, there’s never been a moment when those programs have needed your support more than they do right now. Please donate today.

Chris Baty

P.S. You can see how your donation will be spent in our annual budget, or in this animated short about the Office of Letters and Light.

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