Write for Rights, doing good deeds this season has never been easier

Amnesty International is turning 50 . . . but instead of sending them a card, how about a tweet, email, card or letter for a cause they are currently championing?  Join the AI Write for Rights Global Write-a-thon (running Dec 3 to 11) and send your missives for freedom and fairness around the world out along with your Christmas / Holiday Cards.  Invite some friends to share a nog and have a holiday write-in at your home.

There are currently 15 cases from around the world being focused on for this project, and you can read about them here.  You may or may not wish to write for all of them, but even one letter for one person on this list will make a big difference in the outcome. The cases include

  1. Jabbar Savalan AZERBAIJAN – Youth activist detained after using Facebook
  2. Majid Tavakkoli & Behareh Hedayat IRAN – Youth leaders imprisoned for speaking out
  3. Liu Xiaobo CHINA – Nobel Peace Prize laureate imprisoned
  4. Jalila al-Salman & Mahdi Abu Dheeb   BAHRAIN – Teachers detained for supporting pro-reform efforts
  5. Filep Karma   INDONESIA – Jailed for raising a flag
  6. Inés Fernández Ortega & Valentina Rosendo Cantú   MEXICO – Indigenous women raped by soldiers
  7. Jean-Claude Roger Mbede  CAMEROON – Imprisoned on charges of “homosexuality”
  8. Women of Zimbabwe Arise ZIMBABWE – Human rights activists at risk
  9. Shin Sook-ja & others at Yodok Political Prison Camp NORTH KOREA – Families imprisoned for life
  10. Shaker Aamer USA (Guantánamo) – Indefinite detention
  11. Reggie Clemons USA – Facing execution in Missouri
  12. Ragihar Manoharan  SRI LANKA – Student killed by security forces
  13. Christi Cheramie USA – Juvenile life imprisonment without parole
  14. Fatima Hussein Badi YEMEN – Death penalty following an unfair trial
  15. Residents of Port Harcourt Settlements NIGERIA – Forced evictions of communities

Just follow these 5 easy steps and . . . someone will be on their way to freedom!

  1. SIGN UP to Write for Rights! Participate as an individual, host an event with friends, family, and members of your community, or attend a scheduled event. Check out our Write for Rights map to find an event near you, and RSVP to attend an event.
  2. SPREAD THE WORD! Tell everyone that you plan to Write for Rights on Facebook and/or Twitter. Encourage others to sign up for Write for Rights by texting or emailing this registration link:www.amnestyusa.org/writeathon
  3. Get your RESOURCES. Everything you need to participate in Write for Rights will be available on this website, including case summaries, sample letters, promotional materials, and helpful tips for holding a successful Write for Rights event. Participants will receive an email when these additional Resources become available. If you’d like hard copies of these items or have questions, email us: writeathon@aiusa.org.
  4. WRITE and MAIL your letters. (December 3-11 are the key dates, but feel free to start earlier or later.)
  5. TELL US HOW IT WENT! We want to hear from you: did you meet your letter pledge goal? Do you have great ideas on how we can make next year’s Write for Rights even better? Be sure to complete the very brief online evaluation form (available soon) or send us an email:writeathon@aiusa.org.

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