You are now free to . . . oh wait, bed-ridden!

Due to some overzealous skiing, we are MAN DOWN due to a nasty spiral fracture of the femur.  The repair involved 7 pins, 3 metal loops and a bone graft!  Sadly, no pear tree . . . .

We’ll be posting to the blog, but give us a break (no pun intended) for the next few weeks till we all get ambulatory again. We’ll probably do a spate of posting at some point, forgive us.

Our resident blogger can be cranky at best. However, she is on drugs, so the hopping around on one leg, with the help of crutches and a walker ain’t so bad.  Plus, being bed-ridden for most of her time, we just shove a laptop at her and she has no escape from the job.

Yes, we really will do anything to keep an employee working. . . . hmmm, guess we need another new intern for the coffee & bun runs though.

And next time you think the bunny run can’t hurt you . . . .   Oh stop screaming, Gina! Oz is getting your morphine. And at least you still have a job.

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