One City, Two Books?

This year our local library has chosen T.C. Boyle‘s When the Killing’s Done as its One City, One Book read.  That’s for that adults among us. [Ok, we have to say it: Awful, awful throw-back to the schlock mystery 1940s genre of covers — unless they were shooting for that?].

It’s a good choice for this community. It’s by a California-based author, about an area in California that’s near and familiar to us, about SoCal-type issues (the environment), and has main characters who are female (being that women read more than men).  T.C. Boyle is also known for writing Baby Boomer books, which is a large demographic (over 20%) in this area.

The children have a separate event, One City, One Book for Kids, designed to specifically address 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. This year their selection is James Preller‘s Along Came Spider, a tale of friendship and the fifth grade. [Ok, we have to say it: the displayed cover here is not our favorite cover of the 3 different versions this book has had.]

Although Boyle’s book is probably well worth reading, we’ll be checking out Along Came Spider instead. Why? Because we believe, one city, one book should be about one book for everyone and maybe if more adults read with their children or what children were reading, the world be a better place. Also, it’s a third the size of Boyle’s!

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