Governments can hurt, Teddy Bears can help

For anyone who has been sucked into the world of Swedish mystery, by the novels of Lars Kepler (horrible covers, great stories), Henning Mankell, or Stieg Larsson and think all of Sweden is a little um . . . yeah.  Well, welcome to the lighter side of Sweden.

You probably have not been privileged enough to hear this story, but on July 4th, a Swedish PR firm launched what could only be called a charm offensive on the Belarusian government.

Yep, that’s right, teddy bears for free speech were parachuting down (in violation of Belarusian airspace, commerce laws, and probably valid teddy passports) on an otherwise unsuspecting nation in what we can only assume was an attempted cuddly coupe.

At first the bears resolve to complete the mission was suspect, but careful journalism (thanks boys of The Local!) revealed it was all true — every fuzzy warm hug of it.

The bears were reticent to speak on camera but were photographed holding placards, by intrepid reporter Anton Suryapin, proving the claws were out.  Suryapin was detained for 72 hours worth of questioning after posting the images of the “Swedish assault” team.

Video of the bears’ air support team and the bear drop were later released so that concerned citizenry could see, the ursines came in peace and Belarus had nothing to fear but fear itself.

God Bless those plush-toy lovin’ Swedies!

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